Me: What’s your name and where are you from?

Teacher: Palika Samarawickrama, From Katugasthota Sri Lanka.

Me: Which Institution are you working?

Teacher: St. Anthony’s College Kandy.

Me: What’s your roll on the College?

Teacher: I’m the Advance Level ICT Teacher.

Me: How do you know about the Google Code-In?

Teacher: I found a local contributor when I was participating on a seminar.

Me: What do you think about GCI?

Teacher: As I know so far GCI is helping in encouraging young students to engage with software development.

Me: What do you know about Fossasia and What do you think about it?

Teacher: Fossasia is an Open Source Software Development organisation which develops useful softwares for the community. I think these types of organisations are really a good example for the world.

Me: Anything You want to share with the GCI contestants?

Teacher: Participate in dedication, commitment and take the maximum out of it.

Google Code-In student website (


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