My First time Experience in Google Code-In

Hello there! I am Kumuditha Karunarathna from Sri Lanka. I’m a participant of this year’s google code-in, And this is the first time participating in this competition. I started learning Programming 5 years ago from the help of my school’s ICT society and Internet. I’m going to share my experience in Google Code-In.

What is Google Code-In

Google Code-in (GCI) is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to open source software development. In this contest there are Open source organizations chosen by Google, Each organization has a list of tasks from the following categories: coding, documentation, training, outreach, research, quality assurance, and design. Students that complete tasks win certificates and T-shirts. Each organization also selects two grand prize award winners who will earn a trip to Google’s Headquarters located in Mountain View, California.

For more information:
Google Code-in: Wikipedia
Google Code-in: Official site

How I came to know about GCI

I came to know about this competition from a brother of my school who participated in this competition on 2017.

Working with FOSSASIA

I started working on tasks in FOSSASIA organization in GCI. FOSSASIA is an organization developing Open Source software applications and Open Hardware together with a global community from its base in Asia.
For more information : FOSSASIA official site.

There are many interesting projects in FOSSASIA.
Learn about them by visiting-

Here are some projects I’m interested in:


PSLab is a small USB powered hardware extension for your Android phone or PC that lets you measure all kinds of things. PSLab comes with a built-in Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, Power Source, and we are constantly adding more digital instruments.
Visit for more information.

SUSI.AI is a simple artificial intelligence robot application.The most important part is that we can edit by ourselves.But you don’t need to know programming at all.
To learn more visit

My Experience in Google Code-In

Participating in GCI is a huge experience. You can learn lots of new technologies and new concepts by just participating on it. I focused on programming tasks mainly. Therefore the best organization is FOSSASIA for me. By working on FOSSASIA I learned about their amazing projects and also joined the groups and communities of FOSSASIA.

Visit GCI 2019-FOSSASIA for more information.

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  1. Harsha Madusankha says:

    Valuable post for youngsters who seek to participate in GCI.

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  2. Sumedha Karunarathna says:

    Interesting post for the people who are willing participate in GCI in the future.

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  3. Ahaz Fernando says:

    This probably a golden opportunity to seek and gain knowledge for everyone

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